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I’m looking for back to back truckloads alongwith fair and upfront pricing. I prefer timely payment and minimal paperwork. I want to deploy more trucks.

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Truckers` Benefits

Mavyn provides you the most efficient and easy way to find shipments and help you grow your trucking business. We bring to you a transparent and competitive freight on our platform. Now get more truck bookings every day on your smartphone and accept shipment as per your convenience. Easily assign the shipments to your drivers and track their progress on our Trucker app. Grow your fleet without any hassles.

More Business

Best Market Freight

Now you will get best market freight on Mavyn platform. If you get better freight than market, then accept or else pass shipper.

Transparent Freight

Check Online payment status

You don’t need to follow up for payments, open your app and view at which stage your payment is at.

Expand your business

Live Tracking of your vehicle

You can view location of your vehicle 24*7 through driver app. Create 'dispute' if vehicle is delay for live updates.

Trucker Feature
Advance shipment booking of return journey

Receive cancelation charge as per industry standard

If vehicle is cancelled by shippers you don’t need to worry of vehicle cancelled by shippers. Mavyn will pay you cancellation charges accordingly to vehicle type.

Convenient and Quick payments

You will be paid halting charges

If your vehicle is standing more than 24 hours at origin or destination, we will pay you halting charges per day basis as per vehicle type.

What Our Truckers Say

Trucker Features

Mavyn active truckers typically enjoy 20%+ reductions in idle time with higher business profits due to lower operational cost from use of technology and process-oriented approach. Mavyn organises various type of carriers and different types of contracts, including spot, route, leased fleet, and contracted carriers, to cater to all category of truckers.

Lowest Freight - in India

More business

Get more shipments every day on your smartphone and accept shipment as per your convenience.

Responsibility of goods - verified & legal

Convenient and Quick payments

No need to visit your transport company to collect payments, submit original POD’s or discounting of cheques. Mavyn brings you all services on your phone. Mavyn ensures payment within 36 hours of uploading of POD on the app.

Availability & Accessibility - with in 6 hours

Transparent freight

Mavyn brings you transparent and competitive freight in spot market on its platform by matching demand and supply of vehicles in market.

Live tracking - through driver app

Advance shipment booking of return journey

Truckers can block shipments in advance for return journey to reduce idle waiting time.

Continuous & Consistent - timely and safely deliveries

Expand your business

Easily assign the shipments to your drivers and track their progress on Trucker app. We enable you to grow your fleet.

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