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I’m a Shipper & looking for contract pricing agreement

I ship regularly and looking for good service provider on a fixed contracted period. I want timely
placements and can monitor my shipments on my smartphone

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Contract Pricing Benefits

Mavyn provides you the most reliable and cost-effective way to transport goods. Our shipper team will quote you best contracted price for each route operated through our ML based freight exchange platform. We ensure your shipment is in good hands, so that you can focus on the more important things like expanding your businessand leave the hassles of transportation to us. All our truckers and drivers and thoroughly verified to ensure 100% safety of your shipment.

Responsibility of goods

Responsibility of goods

Mavyn takes the responsibility of goods during entire journey with our verified truckers and drivers mandated by government regulations on our platform.

Dynamic monitoring

Availability & Accessibility - with in 6 hours

Mavyn guarantees vehicle availability within 6 hours of shipment booking. Our truckers are available 24x7, to facilitate movement of your goods on time. You can access our extensive network across major cities

Mavyn Ace

Generate EWB in advance

Through digitalisation of documents generate waybill in advance as soon as vehicle is assigned.

Mavyn Ace

Credit payment

Enjoy uninterrupted shipments with credit payment facility.

shipper feature
Book shipments in seconds

Mavyn ACE

It’s an ‘artificial intelligence’ based software system which helps to “calculate” the best price for a particular route and load on any given point of time after evaluating all quantitative and non-quantitative variables.

  • A – Artificial Intelligence
  • C – Calculate                    
  • E – Evaluate                      

Generates waybill in advance

Continuous & Consistent - timely and safely deliveries

We continuously deliver goods on time and ensure consistent delivery any time by which you can reduce your operational coordination. Safety of your shipment is of paramount importance to us.

Advance Shipment Booking

Live tracking - throgh driver app

Stay connected throughout the journey with Mavyn Driver App. Get alerts and track your shipment online.

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