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We offer full spectrum of logistics and transportation services through our mobile app to ease your day-to-day business worries.
Our digital trucking system matches demand to supply to create value for our partners, shippers, truckers, and drivers. Whether you choose to transport goods or book trucks in india, we will ensure quick availability and seamless experience at transparent pricing.

Normal Service one of most used service
in Industry. Below are features.

  • Speed – Slow (400 km per day running)
  • Freight – Low (lower than Express and Prime)
  • Industry - Major users are all industries

Express Service - it is used where there
is urgency of goods due to spike in demand."

  • Speed – Medium (600 km per day running)
  • Freight – Average (lower than Prime but higher than Normal)
  • Industry - Major users are Auto, Apparel and Tyre companies

Prime Service - it is new type of service which is recently started in Industry. It is also called Super-fast service because it has two drives.

  • Speed – Fast (900 km per day running)
  • Freight – High (higher than Express & Normal)
  • Industry - Major users are E-commerce and courier

We are growing with each passing day

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