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We are committed to upholding Mavyn's business integrity and have developed certain policies that we strictly adhere to in our day-to-day operations. We also continually review our site and modify policies to remove any redundancies and comply with industry standards, norms and best practices.

Health and Safety Policy

We believe that safe work practices lead to better business performance, motivated workforce and higher productivity.

We shall create a safety culture in the
organization by:

  • Integrating health and safety matters in all our activities.
  • Promoting health and safety awareness amongst truckers, drivers and suppliers.
  • Continuous improvements in safety performance through precautions be sides participation and training of all stakeholders.
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable legislative requirements.
  • Empowering employees to ensure safety in their respective work places.

Date: 10th Jan, 2019

Sachin Haritash

Founder & CEO

Corporate Governance Policy

At Mavyn, we believe in sustainable development, which we interpret as growing our business in a socially and environmentally responsible way, while meeting the legitimate interests of our stakeholders.

We believe in taking an active role and responsibility in empowering local communities to achieve their ambitions. It is a disciplined structure, and promotes fairness, transparency and accountability, that enable us to conduct business consistently throughout our organization while remaining agile and innovative.

Date: 10th Jan, 2019

Sachin Haritash

Founder & CEO

CSR Policy

Mavyn is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and is an integral part of our business. Therefore, we put our experience to good use to help people and the environment, striking a balance between our economic and social responsibility goals. “Live responsibly” is our motto. To achieve it we firmly believe that there are three main areas that help us achieve our goal of ensuring that we leave the planet a better place for future generations.

Our efforts are focused on these specific areas:

  • Stakeholders - by uplifting Socio-Economic conditions of all stakeholders
  • Environment - through our Environmental Policy
  • Economy - delivering value addition in products and services

The merger of above three activities forms the basis for Mavyn’s Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Date: 10th Jan, 2019

Sachin Haritash

Founder & CEO

Environmental Policy

Think Green Think Environment

Mavyn has always been conscious of the implications of our business activities on the environment and as such, we crystallized this into what we call "Think Green Think Environment." Our purpose statement is as follows:

"Think Green Think Environment seeks to preserve our planet for generations to come by working collaboratively with our stakeholders to make sustainable and valuable supply chain services provider."

Think Green Think Environment initiative:

  • Integrating carbon footprint calculations utilizing tools based on the GHG protocol standards. This will help us in calculating the carbon emissions associated with any Mavyn service – including all transportation modes.
  • Building internal knowledge repositories to document and leverage Mavyn’s sustainability best practices
  • Try to reduce miles and fuel consumption for our clients
  • Expanding our network and route optimization capabilities to analyse and report the green impact of various scenarios for clients
  • Optimizing the carbon efficiency of our network, fleet and buildings
  • Testing and introducing alternative drive technologies and renewable energies
  • Helping our customers reduce their carbon emissions by offering green solutions

Date: 10th Jan, 2019

Sachin Haritash

Founder & CEO

Quality Policy

Mavyn is committed to provide continuous and consistent services to the customers by making vehicles available and accessible 24*7 at lowest freights in India.

We shall be continuously working to have lean and agile working environment by involving all the stakeholders by adopting innovative technologies in order to achieve our objectives.

Date: 10th Jan, 2019

Sachin Haritash

Founder & CEO

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