Trucking business is a very hard business and in India is look upon low in business hierarchy. Truckers who are small truck owner means less than 5 trucks are being exploited by all the stakeholders, shippers, brokers, transportation companies by way of non- payments, regular follow ups for payments, for balance, deduction from freight for unaccounted reason, delay deductions and many more reasons.

In today’s world life of a trucker is very hard and harassing but they has to change and we should making them independent by way of giving them choice to work at his convenience of working hours, timely payments, payment for halting, non-deduction of unaccounted money. Mavyn has brought the technology which powers them all. A trucker has all choices at his hand on way of Mavyn app. Where he can do business from all India from his hometown with Mavyn platform. A trucker will be benefited to grow and earn more with secure payments.  

Authored by:Sachin Haritash

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