In India in 2014, first time logistics space entered into experience of digital trucking from a physical trucking. The efforts of new age trucking companies have helped shippers to know how this can disrupt the physical world of transportation and logistics. Shippers need a platform where they can trust they will get a certified vehicles at lowest cost within timely placement and delivery.

With the effort of so many start-ups, transportation industry which is still unorganised will unleash its real potential in next 3 years by adoption of digitalisation. Mavyn has brought a model where shippers can book a shipment at their own convenience 24×7 of its own choice of vehicle type at lowest cost within timely placement and delivery. Now industry is getting confidence on SLA’s delivered by Mavyn. New age shippers are waiting for Mavyn to expand at all India level so that they can leverage the platform to reduce their cost with timely placements and delivery.

Authored by:Sachin Haritash

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