GST is one of biggest reform done by GOI. It is a boon to Indian industrial 2.O era. It eliminated the state border which helped to reduce wastage of assets utilisation due to ideal vehicle standing for documents checking at entry and exit of each state border.

Secondly, with the Eway bill implementation helped the transport companies to move good with single document as EWB. This eliminated multiple state forms need to carry to transport good from one state to another.

Thirdly, small transport companies who does not need to maintain any documents before GST introduction for doing transportation business. But after GST, they need to file all return at par with organised players which makes him expensive. Many small trucking companies were  not able to cope up with in GST system and slow and steady they are move towards Lorry hire Or as a truck aggregator. With the ease of doing transportation business lots of MNC Logistics companies have entered in Indian market and opened space for organised players.

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Authored by:Sachin Haritash

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