The logistics sector has witnessed some major changes ever since the emergence of e-commerce companies, including the latest implementation of Goods and Services Tax by the government. All these transformations in the sector has now given rise to another pertinent innovation that is sure to change the face of the industry- digital logistics.

Mavyn has always been at the forefront of spearheading change in the industry, especially the ones that bring it at par with global logistics companies. Through its deep understanding of the dynamics of the Indian trucking industry, Mavyn incorporates technology in the logistics sector to help bridge the gap between shippers and truckers.

Our application is customized according to the requirements of the trucking industry in the country. Currently, Mavyn is servicing around 400 shipments with 40 shippers every month. Mavyn’s platform is used by some of the leading companies across e-commerce, FMCG and lifestyle. Our platform is completely paperless and cashless, and the entire journey of transportation — from shipment ordering to delivery — is a face-less transaction.

Mavyn’s innovative trucking concept aims to benefit all the four stakeholders — shippers, truckers, drivers and partners in the associated ecosystem. While latest inroads in digital trucking have helped the logistics sector become more cost competitive, the problem of high operational costs is still a hindrance. Here, the highlight and USP of Mavyn’s model is that it provides the lowest freight rates of the day with lowest operational cost in the industry. The company acts as a bridge between the shipper and the trucker — thus encouraging transparency in the business by passing the freight secured from shipper to trucker after deducting app charges.

Additionally, Mavyn helps in integrating the flow of information between the shipper and the trucker via digital means. The platform operates as a single window for all interstate transportations; companies have access to real-time tracking through the app with updates on email and SMS. The shipper can decide the kind of truck, time of pick up, type of delivery services, and much more. The request for vehicle is processed in real-time with all the available truckers on the platform choosing either to accept it or pass it on to someone else. If the trucker accepts the shipment request, the query from the shipper is closed, with details for both being shared with each other. The real-time flow of information to all the partners helps to bridge the gap that has been prevalent in the industry for so long, while improving overall efficiency of the sector. Mavyn has some other important features as well that bridge the gap between both the stakeholders, including digital order processing management, optimization and delivery charge of planning a route.

Some of the key benefits that shippers can derive from the Mavyn platform include a guaranteed lowest freight for the day, guaranteed booking and availability within 6 hours, and 24×7 availability and accessibility. Mavyn ensures that the shipment is in good hands, so that shippers can focus on the more important things like expanding their business, while leaving behind the hassles of transportation. Mavyn also offers shippers a credit payment facility so they can enjoy uninterrupted shipments.

As for truckers, Mavyn provides them the option to block shipments in advance for return journey to reduce idle waiting time. Problems faced by truckers enroute delivery, such as breakdown, theft, route planning, driver health, are all managed by the customer care team at Mavyn. The driver also has the option to select from the various loads available on the Mavyn platform — one that fits their requirement the best. Moreover, Mavyn’s digital platform ensures that payments are convenient and quick, by offering the option to upload the POD on the app itself, and guaranteeing payment within 36 hours. All these effectively eliminate the need for a middleman or broker, thus bringing the shipper and trucker closer to each other over a convenient-to-use digital platform.

The logistics industry is yet to see a full-fledged conversion to digital from physical. However, with platforms like ours taking the lead in bringing about a digital revolution by leveraging the growing penetration of smartphones and Internet in India, we will be able to quickly respond to rapid changes in needs of the industry and help it reach the next level of performance.

Authored by:Rohit Jain

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